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Do Chromebooks have a Camera

Do Chromebooks have a Camera? Video Conferencing with Chromebooks

Do Chromebooks have a camera? Almost all Chromebooks made in the past 5 years come equipped with one. Do take note that note all built-in cameras are created equally, so consider that when thinking of buying a Chromebook.
is chromebook linux

Is Chromebook Linux? Remarkable things you can do with your Chromebook

Is Chromebook Linux? Technically, Chrome OS is an operating system that was built using a Gentoo Linux-based operating system. If you want to run Linux apps on your device, make sure that your OS version can support it. Check About Chrome OS in Settings to learn more.
delete button on chromebook

How to use the Delete button on Chromebook Plus other Cool...

If you want to use the delete button on Chromebook like in Windows, you would have to press ALT + Backspace to perform the delete function. Alternatively, you can highlight on the text you want to delete and right-click to delete.
Drawing Tablets for Chromebook

5 Incredible Drawing Tablets for Chromebook in 2021

Trying to buy drawing tablets for Chromebook? If you’re planning to draw or create illustrations on your laptop, then having one is a must. Regardless of your budget, we’ll find one that will suit your needs.
External Hard Drive for Chromebooks

Best External Hard Drive for Chromebooks – 5 Bang-for-the-Buck Options this...

Having an external hard drive for Chromebooks is a must because of their limited storage capabilities. You can either purchase certified external storage or storage devices with Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) certification. There are hundreds to choose from depending on your budget.
paint for chromebook

Paint for Chromebook – Unleash your Creativity with 5 Amazing Apps...

The search for the best paint for Chromebook starts here. Today, we’re going to discuss the best apps and extensions you can use to let your creative juices flowing! Get creative with these 5 apps!