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how to take picture on Chromebook

How to Take Picture on Chromebook – Understanding Chrome OS’s built-in...

Use Chrome OS’s built-in Camera app to learn how to take picture on Chromebook. Users can also opt to take videos using the same app. Just select Photo, Video, or Square mode to switch modes. Learn more about advanced Camera app features here at TechyThing.
Google Play Services keep stopping

Google Play Services Keep Stopping? Try These 4 Incredible Fixes for...

If you keep encountering Google Play services keep stopping, try to see if your Google Play Services are up-to-date. Next, try to clear the Google Play Services cache via Settings. One last thing to try is uninstalling the updates of the Google Play Services app in App details.
Chromebook keyboard not working

Chromebook Keyboard not Working? How to Troubleshoot in Chrome OS

Chromebook keyboard not working properly? Try these steps: Turn off/on Chromebook and test. Use a guest account and check if the keyboard is working. If yes, delete the current account and log in. If all else fails, Factory reset or Powerwash your Chromebook.
chromebook vs macbook air m1

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook vs MacBook Air M1 – The Battle for...

Chromebook vs MacBook Air M1 – who will prevail? Join us as we figure out which product will truly get your money’s worth. Whether you’re on team Chrome OS or team macOS, we will pit these devices head-to-head until we can crown the best. Spoiler: It’s not even close!
chromebook vs surface pro

Chromebook vs Surface Pro – A TechyThing Head-to-Head

Today, it’s all about Chromebook vs Surface Pro. Is the Surface Pro 7 capable of claiming the throne for thin-and-light laptops, or is the Google Pixelbook capable of showing everyone what flagship Chromebooks can do? Let’s jump right into it!
does chromebook have bluetooth?

Does Chromebook have Bluetooth? Understanding Bluetooth Compatibility with Chrome OS

Does Chromebook have Bluetooth? Most Chromebooks are Bluetooth-enabled. It has been one of the key selling points of these laptops. Chromebook users have the option to connect to Bluetooth keyboards, mice, speakers and headphones with minimal to no setup necessary.