How to Block Twitch Ads in 2021 – Is it still possible?

Twitch is in hot waters again thanks to their newly-established ad policy. This new policy came into effect last September of 2020, giving the platform access to put mid-roll ads in live streams. Because of this new policy, thousands of users have been learning how to block Twitch ads and some have found success.

In today’s tutorial, we’re going to hook you up with the right knowledge and tools to circumvent Twitch’s aggressive advertisements. As of the moment, you have two valid options: pay for Twitch Turbo or use an adblocker extension on your computer. Regardless of your choice, we can guarantee a more ad-free streaming experience.

how to block twitch ads

How to block Twitch ads without extra tweaks

The most convenient solutions are often locked behind a premium. If you prefer to have the easiest solution to an ad-free experience while supporting the platform, then Twitch Turbo is the one for you.

For the price of $8.99, you won’t have to learn how to block Twitch ads anymore, as ad-free viewing is one of the perks you would get as a Turbo user. Here are the perks you would get for 9 bucks:

  • Custom Chat Username Colors
  • Chat Badge
  • Expanded Emote Set
  • Extended Broadcast Storage
  • Ad-Free Viewing (with limited exceptions)
Twitch turbo how to block twitch ads

Working adblocker browser extensions for Twitch

As of this writing, 3 known adblockers are working on UBlock Origin, AdGuard (with tweaks), and AdBlock Plus.

How to use adblockers on

For this guide, we opted to use AdBlock Plus as it’s still updated to work on Twitch seamlessly. The good news is that almost all adblocker extensions are the same. And if you’re going to use anything other than AdGuard, then it’s safe to say that it would work without a hitch.

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Get Adblocker extension

Listed down below are three of the most common adblocker extensions. We highly recommend choosing either of the three as they have the best customizations without spending a single cent.

These links should take you to the home page of each adblocker. You may find the install button right away depending on your operating system and/or browser. Just follow the instructions to install.

Step 2: Enable Adblocker

If you’re using Adblock Plus, it should be automatically running. If it didn’t work right away, relaunch your browser and it should show up on your extension toolbar. If not, check your extensions if it’s installed/allowed.

how to block twitch ads adblock plus

Step 3: Check Advanced Settings (Optional)

If you want more control over your URL filters, you can go to Advanced settings and choose the corresponding settings you want to edit. This is only for advanced users so if you’re uncomfortable with tinkering with it, leave it as-is.

advanced how to block twitch ads

Step 4: Verify if adblocker is working on

Go to and browse different streamers and check if you still get ads after choosing a stream.

For AdGuard Users

AdGuard users might need to do additional steps to effectively block ads on Twitch. It might be confusing for casual users, but if you’re good at following instructions, you’ll be able to figure this out.

Step 1: Copy Values

Copy this value without the quotations (“”)

“{if("function"==typeof fetch){var a=window.fetch;window.fetch=function(b){if(2<=arguments.length&&"string"==typeof b&&b.includes("/access_token")){var d=new URL(arguments[0]);d.searchParams.delete("player_type"),d.searchParams.delete("platform"),arguments[0]=d.href}return a.apply(this,arguments)}}})();"
“!function(){var c;!1!==/(^|\.)twitch\.tv$/.test(document.location.hostname)&&(c=window.fetch,window.fetch=function(t,e){var n;return 2<=arguments.length&&"string"==typeof t&&t.includes("/access_token")&&((n=new URL(t)).searchParams.forEach(function(t,e){n.searchParams.delete(e)}),t=n.href),c.apply(this,arguments)})}();”

Step 2: Paste Values on Custom Filter

Go to AdGuard Settings and look for Filters. You should see Add custom filter on the right pane. Paste the values listed above and hit save.

adguard how to block twitch ads

Step 3: Verify if adblocker is working on

Go to and browse different streamers and check if you still get ads after choosing a stream.

Disclaimer: As Twitch continues to tweak and improve its platform against adblockers, it will only be a matter of time before these extensions are patched. Fortunately, the community behind these adblockers is also constantly looking for ways to circumvent these new restrictions.

TLDR; if your adblocker stopped working on Twitch, wait for a few days or weeks and it should be working again.

See also: How to watch blocked YouTube videos

In Summary

There’s a thin line between supporting a platform and its community, and how valuable your time is. We know that websites run on advertisements and we’re okay with that. However, if you find ads to be more bothersome than before, then we won’t blame you for using an adblocker.

The moral high ground that most people should take is to become a Twitch Turbo member as it is the best solution. However, if you’re struggling to cough up $8.99 a month, then the next best thing is to learn how to block Twitch ads using browser extensions.

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