iPhone Thinks Headphones Are Plugged In? How to Fix!

Using headphones on your iPhone can be a good thing. You can listen to music and watch videos disturbing no one because only you can hear the sounds. There are times when the iPhone thinks headphones are plugged in when they really aren’t.

If that happens, the speakers of the iPhone will not pump out sound. Don’t worry as here are some methods that you can use to fix the problem of headphones being plugged in your iPhone when it really isn’t.

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Reasons Why iPhone Thinks Headphones Are Plugged In

Water problems

Naturally, when your iPhone or any gadget gets wet, it will malfunction. You’ll be lucky if the iPhone will still turn on or function normally. However, if you drop your iPhone in the water, then that’s probably a rare case. Then again, there are some situations where your iPhone can get wet but isn’t a case where it gets submerged underwater.

It could be cases where your beverages might splatter all over your iPhone. There could even be a case where you place your phone on a surface, but you didn’t notice that the surface is wet. Here’s another case where there are answer calls on their iPhone with the screen close to their cheeks. There are cases where your cheeks might be wet from sweat. That can be a factor, so just make sure not to get your iPhone wet.

Damaged iPhone

No sane person would want to damage their iPhone. However, that can also play into one factor where your iPhone thinks your headphones are still plugged in. If your iPhone gets damaged, then that can lead to these problems. That’s probably because the insides of the iPhone get rattled and the headphone port can get loose or something along those lines. Just take care not to drop or abuse your phone giving it damages in the long run.

How To Fix?

Turn it on and off

iphone thinks headphones are plugged in best solution

Nothing beats a classic method like turning off your iPhone, then turning it on again. A hard reset can also be good, and if you’re lucky, the headphone problem won’t be there once the iPhone is turned on again.

Going Airplane Mode

You can press the Airplane Mode feature on your iPhone. Basically, this mode cuts off all forms of internet connectivity and other means of communication. You just need to wait for a couple of seconds or in this case around a minimum of ten. Turn off Airplane Mode and see if that did the trick.

Blowing on the headphone port

This one isn’t so much a digital move, but blowing on the hole where the headphone piece goes in is a good idea. That can be the case when the port is a bit dirty and littered with dirt.

Cleaning the headphone port

If blowing isn’t enough to solve the problem, then what people do is use a Q-tip or those cotton buds used for cleaning ears. Just slightly push the Q-tip into the port and softly do some cleaning. Hopefully, that does the trick with the problem of headphones being plugged in your iPhone.

Plugging in the headphone over and over

What you can do is plug in the headphone into the port. Listen to the headphones if it works properly. Then pull out the headphones again and see if that fixes the problem. If it doesn’t, you can try plugging it on and pulling it off again in several attempts until it gets fixed.

Changing the volume

Changing volume check headphone stuck

One other neat trick is by lowering the volume to zero. Then, play a music track or video when the problem is still there. What you need to do next is to slowly increase the volume. Chances are, the problem will be fixed and the sound will burst out of the speaker. You can do this routine over and over where you lower the volume and increase it again.

Check your settings

Another easy thing that you can do is to check the sound settings of your iPhone. There are things that you can inspect on your iPhone settings and changing some of them can fix the problem.

Update your system

update iphone fixing headphone stuck

It could be a case where you just need to update your iOS. Look if there are necessary updates for your system. Just update the device and see if the problem will persist.

Use a Bluetooth speaker

This problem can also happen if you didn’t plug in your headphones. If that’s the case and all the above methods have not worked, you can try linking your iPhone to a Bluetooth speaker. If the Bluetooth speaker will play, then there’s a hardware problem with your iPhone’s speakers.

A combination of some tips above


Doing a combination can be a good thing. You can clean the headphone port, then try to adjust some settings. You can even do the headphone plug and pull method along with adjusting the volume. Whatever combination you do, you finish it by turning the iPhone off and then on again.

Seek professional help

If none of the tips above helped, then it is best to ask for help. Take your iPhone to a repair guy and see what the problem is. Take their diagnostics into consideration and see if you’re willing to pay the price. That can definitely fix the problem of headphones being plugged in your iPhone when they really aren’t.


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