Learn How to Block Ads on Internet Explorer using 5 Easy Steps

Advertisements are inevitable; it’s something that we see every day, whether online or in the real world. Fortunately, we can lessen these annoyances by learning how to block ads on Internet Explorer. If you’re still using Microsoft’s legacy browser and you’re getting constant pop-ups, perhaps we can help you with 5 easy steps!

In this guide, we’re going to talk about 2 options you can use to get an ad-free experience. These steps are very simple that we’re confident you’ll be able to do these regardless of tech-savviness. As long as you can follow our instructions, you’re golden!

how to block ads on Internet Explorer
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How to block ads on Internet Explorer by default

Microsoft has developed its own adblocker baked into the Internet Explorer’s settings. It should be on by default. If you’re still experiencing annoying ads, here’s what you can do:

Step 1: Launch Internet Explorer>Settings

Launch Internet Explorer and look for Settings. It should look like a gear icon on the upper-right of your browser.

step 1 how to block ads on Internet Explorer

Step 2: Access Internet options>Privacy Tab

Click on Internet options and go to the Privacy Tab. Under this tab, you should see Settings, Location, Pop-up Blocker, and InPrivate. Make sure to put a check on Pop-up Blocker and click Apply.

Internet Options how to block ads on Internet Explorer

Step 3: Open Pop-up Blocker Settings (Optional)

Under the Settings menu, you can have the option to whitelist certain websites or increase the blocking level of Microsoft’s built-in adblocker.

pop-up blocker how to block ads on Internet Explorer

Step 4: Enable Personalized Tracking Protection (Optional)

Under Settings, go to Manage Add-ons. You should see a new window showing Toolbars and Extensions, Search Providers, Accelerators, and Tracking Protection. Click on Tracking Protection and press Enable on the bottom part of the window.

Enable Personalized Tracking Protection how to block ads on Internet Explorer

Step 5: Manage Personalized Tracking Protection List (Advanced)

Under the Personalized Tracking Protection List, you can have the option to automatically block or choose which content to be allowed/blocked. You can personally add the URL or you can select which ones based on your browsing history. Hit Okay when done.

manage personalized tracking how to block ads on Internet Explorer

If you’re still getting annoying ads even after setting everything up, then you’ll need to learn how to block ads on Internet Explorer by using programs.

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How to block ads on Internet Explorer using add-ons and programs

Unlike Firefox and Chrome, Internet Explorer’s capabilities are very limited. If you need to run an adblocker on IE, you would need to download and install the software to make it work.

We recommend:

How to block ads on Internet Explorer Step-By-Step

For this example, we’re going to be using AdGuard for Windows. Our reason is that this program will give you options right from the start. If you want a more seamless experience, we recommend going straight to AdBlock Plus and follow the on-screen instructions for installing it.

Step 1: Download AdGuard for Windows

Head over to AdGuard’s website and download their installer for Internet Explorer

adguard how to block ads on Internet Explorer

Step 2: Install AdGuard

Once the download is finished, proceed to install AdGuard. If you are using multiple browsers, it is highly recommended to close all browsers before proceeding with the installation.

installing adguard how to block ads on Internet Explorer

Step 3: Run AdGuard and choose your options

Once the installation is done, users have options to use recommended settings or to customize their own. If you choose the latter, just follow the on-screen instructions until finished.

configure protection how to block ads on Internet Explorer

Step 4: Check additional settings (optional)

If you want to do advanced configurations, you can access AdGuard for Windows via the Start menu or by searching for the app.

general settings how to block ads on Internet Explorer

Congratulations! You should have an ad-free experience while browsing!

Is Internet Explorer Dead?

Is IE dead how to block ads on Internet Explorer

According to this blog post about a year ago, Microsoft has stopped supporting Internet Explorer since November 2020. Later this year, Microsoft 365 apps will no longer be supported on IE 11. Does that mean we can no longer use this classic browser?

Well, not really.

Users can still opt to use Internet Explorer but don’t expect support if they encounter some bugs along the way. Microsoft is encouraging Windows 10 users to try Edge instead – the newest browser to compete with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

In Summary

Despite losing complete support soon, it’s good to know that there are still developers keeping IE alive. For those looking to prolong the life of this browser: if you’ve followed our instructions to the letter, then it’s safe to say that you have already learned how to block ads on Internet Explorer.

The Internet Explorer is dying one way or another, and it’s something that we can’t avoid. However, there must be a reason for you to stick to a legacy browser. Maybe it could be because of work restrictions and other personal factors.

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