How To Allow Pop-Ups On Chrome

Pop-ups are things that appear on your web browser. It can be a little text box for an ad, command, and others. To some people, pop-ups can be annoying and harmful to your browser. The good thing is that you can choose to block these pop-ups so that they don’t appear. However, some want to know how to allow pop-ups on Chrome, and here are the steps on how you can do so.

Steps on How to Allow pop-ups on your Google Chrome Browser

Step 1

Open your Google Chrome.

Step 2

You can see three vertical dots on the upper right corner of your Chrome, so you need to click on that.

how to allow pop ups on Chrome

Step 3

You will now be brought to a new options menu and find the Advanced option at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4

Clicking on Advanced will send you to another setup so find Site Settings and click on that.

Step 5

You will now see the Pop-ups and Redirects option. Take a look at the image below, it is currently blocked so click on that so we can unblock it.

Step 6

Take a look at the image below, the one circled red is the one you need to click on to enable pop-ups to come out. In the image it is blocked so just click on it and you’re pretty much done.

Choosing Which Sites You can Block and Allow Pop-ups

Some people allow pop-ups, but for some sites, you would just want them to be turned off. The good thing is that you can select sites that you can allow some pop-ups to appear. What you can do is to block any standard site from pop-ups appearing.

You can then repeat the steps from above from Step 1 to 6. If you did everything correctly, you would arrive at the image below, and you can see the options of which sites you can choose to allow or block pop-ups, which can be a reasonable means of protection.

how to allow pop ups on Chrome

Why people would want to block or allow pop-ups from happening

One reason people would block pop-ups from coming up is that they can be annoying. You’re just browsing a site, and then a pop-up ad could come up telling you about things that you don’t necessarily need. Another reason is that some pop-ups can be harmful especially from sites that you aren’t familiar with. They can bring a virus and damage your system as well. Then, there are some people that want pop-ups in some sites that they already use because they are proven to be safe.

It is always advisable to block off the pop-ups by default. That way, if you encounter or go to a new site, any pop-up will be blocked off. You can just put them in your safe list where you can allow pop-ups to come. Just repeat Steps 1 to 6, and you can see on the image below that the pop-ups are blocked.

In closing

You can find out how to allow pop-ups on Chrome but that doesn’t mean that you should always keep it on. Just choose the sites that you want the pop-ups to appear and keep the others blocked.


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